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WebPutty is a simple CSS editing and hosting service.

WebPutty gives you a syntax-highlighting CSS editor you can use from anywhere, the power of SCSS and Compass, a side-by-side preview pane, and instant publishing with minification, compression, and automatic cache control.

Get started with just a pair of tags in your website's template and WebPutty will host and serve your published CSS minified and gzipped for super speed. Read more about why we built WebPutty and why we open-sourced it.

Get Started

Download WebPutty from GitHub and get cracking!


Screenshot showing WebPutty's editor and CSS selector highlighting in the preview pane

Editing with Live Preview and SCSS

With WebPutty, you get an in-browser, feature-rich, syntax-highlighting CSS editor. You can see your changes instantly with the side-by-side preview pane, so there's no need for the traditional back-and-forth between your editor and refreshing a browser to see your changes. The editor is your browser...and the preview's built-in! Best of all, the editor and the preview pane work together, so that when you click on a CSS selector, all the elements matching that selector are instantly highlighted in the preview pane.

WebPutty also allows you to take advantage of SCSS and Compass. SCSS gives you expanded functionality and ease-of-use features like nested selectors, variables, and mixins, while Compass makes CSS3 features like box-shadow, border-radius, gradients, transforms, and transitions easier to implement by handling all the browser-specific prefixes for you. Hallelujah!

Screenshot of one-click stylesheet publishing in WebPutty

Easy Setup, Publishing and Hosting

Setting up WebPutty on your website is as easy as adding two teeny-tiny tags (a link tag and a script tag) to the end of your site's <head> element. After that, you can publish updated styles with the click of a button, and they'll be visible to your website's visitors instantly. No pushing to a repository, updating a remote file system, or restarting your web app required. Just edit, preview, publish, and move on. Plus, we serve your CSS minified and gzipped for super speed, so there's no need for you to setup, fine tune, or maintain your own media server.

Don't like the idea of having somebody else serving up your CSS? You can always export your WebPutty stylesheets from the editor with the click of a button. You get all the ease and simplicity of in-browser editing, live preview, SCSS, and Compass, with the option to continue hosting it yourself if you want to.

Get Started

Download WebPutty from GitHub and get cracking!

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